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    I got my chicks on Tuesday from Meyers. One of the six died today. I didn't call Meyer about a $3.00 favorolles but I did want to find a replacement because I am set on six. Anyway I went to Tractor Supply and picked up an easter egger to replace. While there, they gave me a bantam of some unknown origin. I knew I shouldn't take it because they didn't know if it is male or female and for that matter what breed it is. Now I have it in my basement and it will not quit expressing its opinion loudly about whatever is on its mind. How old does a bantam have to be before you can at least guess on the breed? I tried to take some pictures of it but they were really bad. There is no feathering on the legs. Its jet black except for the belly and wings which seems to be brown maybe. I was told that the bantam came from Welps. When I went to their site I was shocked by how many types of bantams they carry. I didn't even know there were that many types available.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Given the terrible pictures... any chance someone could narrow my search when trying to figure out what it is?

    I am hoping its a somewhat quiet breed and is a hen.

    What I expect is that it is a breed that is reputed to be loud and is a male.

    Thanks. Sorry if the pictures are too bad or the question is too early.

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    I don't think there's any way to sex the little Bantams at that age.

    It's true they can be LOUD for their little size!

    I have some little Silkies, and they were the noisiest in the bunch.


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