Dumb rooster jumped the fence, Dogs got it

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    Nov 4, 2009
    Well Im bumbed. I thought I had a good set up until our rooster decided to jump upon the 4' chainlinck fence. Then jumped down on the dog side, our two Jack Russell Terriers did what they are trained to do attack, needless to say Billy our rooster didnt survive.

    I have a chicken coop I made next to a 10' x 10' kennel . The chickens can go up into the coop and then down into the kennel. I have wire fenncing and a tarp on the kennel so they are safe there. I have a auto dog water deal for them in the kennel fence, and a food dispener there, and a ladder perch. So they have the 4x4 coop and the fenced area to roam in, which works so far for our 10 chickens. I have a four foot fence around all that, and a gate I go through to feed them. Our dogs are in the back yard, and roam back and forth along the fence looking at the chikens but they cant get in.
    During the day we let the gate open to the kennel so the chickens can raom around in the paraimeter grass area aound the coop/kennel. We timmed thier feathers beacuse we didnt want them to jump up on the fence and get out or into the back yard where the dogs are. Some how Billy our rooster jumped up on the fence, and then came down on the wrong side with the dogs. I havnt seen any of the chickens get up on the fence only the rooster.
    Any suggestions how to keep chickens off the fence? As I see it my options are, 1) keep the chickens in the kennel , while the dogs are in the back yard, and only let them out when the dogs are in the house. Kind of a bummer choice for the chikens but safe. 2) trim both wings flight feathers to make sure they cant get up on the fence. Think we are going to try that tommorow. As long as the chickens dont get on or over the fence they are safe. I thought for sure they would not be able to get on the fence with trimmed feathers , but some how the rooster did. And there is nothing for them to jump up on or anything. They have to flap and jump up to get on four foot hgh fence.
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    4' is not high at all and would be easy to reach for any chicken. My run is 7' tall, open top.. Did it that high just so I didn't have to worry about them jumping out.

    When clipping wings, only clip ONE wing. If you clip two, it will stabilize both sides and they might very well be able to reach that height again. Depends on the breed. If you only clip one side, it will force them to veer off to the side if they do indeed try and fly.

    We picked up two stray Bantam roosters today who indeed had one wing clipped. Bantams are GOOD fliers, for sure. Depends on the breed and, moreover, its weight.

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