DuMOR® Chick Starter 24% Feed


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Jun 12, 2009
Last week when I was at Tractor Supply, I picked up a bag of DuMOR
Chick Starter 24%. I was reading the ingredient tags and some had bags with animal protein products listed as an ingredient and some that did not. The one that I bought had animal protein listed and was milled in May. The bags without the animal protein was milled in April.
Has anyone noticed this before? Why might this be? Coming possibly from different milling sites?

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Aug 13, 2007
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Dumor is a national brand, but feed is generally milled regionally. It's possible you could have seen bags from different mills.

But given the differences in milling dates they may have come from the same mill which changed their recipe from April to May as the various feed components went up or down in price. I personally prefer animal protein in my feed so would have chosen the one that had it.


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Dumor is contract manufactured by some of the large commercial feed companies to be a cheaper feed that appeals to the "Farm Store Crowd". It is formulated based on a set of dietary specifications and the business usually goes to the company with the cheapest price. Unlike full line feed companies or feed mills, TSC and the other farm store companies don't have the ability to quickly change ingredients to meet current market demands, must depend on transportation to get product from the Toll Miller to the various stores, and they don't have their own nutritionists to develop better products.

I've fed these products in the past when I was in a pinch, but you'd be better served by working with a Feed Company or your Local Mill for fresher products.


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