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    Let's talk feed...

    What do you prefer?

    I used to always feed Dumor feeds, and recently I switched to the Purina. Start/Grower specifically. I almost feel like my bird held better condition on the Dumor feed. With Purina being a vegetarian diet, I question how healthy this is... As I am a believer, that they do need other animal/insect proteins. But at a glance, the vegetarian diet does catch your eye, and make you think want to try it. This is what has happened here. So let's talk feeds..... What do you think? What do you prefer? I currently am still feeding off the Purina, but have a bag of Dumor next. I am not feeding super active birds. I am raising bantam cochins.
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    Dumor is vegetarian too. It is the TSC brand made by the same company that makes Purina - Land - O - Lakes.
    The recipe will be different with every run depending on the brand or intended chicken age, but their basic ingredients, like corn, soy, wheat, amino acids, vitamins and minerals all come out of the same trainload.
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    I personally do not use either, you said post your opinion and mine is that chickens are omnivores so I've tried to find a happy medium, since most feeds are vegetable based I try to add other animal/insect based proteins in there, but from what other people have they prefer dumor over purina.
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    I suspect that Dumor's feed recipes vary by region too. Some people have access to vegetarian Dumor, others (like me) can find Dumor with animal protein in it.

    Forgot to answer the original question! I've tried both brands and haven't noticed a huge difference. Then again, I've only had my chickens for slightly over a year. Dumor and Purina are only carried by the local TSC which has terrible turnover with their chicken feed. Many times I'll find bags a few months old still sitting on the shelf so I prefer to visit another store with fresher inventory.
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  5. Lazy J Farms Feed & Hay

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    The source of protein is not as important as the mix of amino acids.
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    Vegetarian feeds are cheaper to produce which is why most commercial feeds are vegetarian. It's also better for the environment, because producing livestock to feed livestock leaves a pretty big "footprint". Some people report better health with animal proteins, but it really comes down to the amino acids in the feed which are necessary for living things to make their own proteins.

    That being said, if you want more animal protein you could raise mealworms or black soldier flies to feed them as treats. It's pretty easy! In the summer, I just let mine free range. We have a huge problem with Japanese beetles and stinkbugs, and the chickens probably eat hundreds of them. Great source of protein!
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    I don't feed either Dumor or the "standard" Purina feed which I believe your talking about. Both are vegetarian base (around here) and my birds do not do well on either. In my opinion both feeds are a low end feed.
    Now I say that I don't feed Purina's "standard" feed because I will use there Show feed and there Wildlife feed.
    Both the Purina Show Feed and Wildlife feed does contain animal products in them, birds do great on them and both would be one of the better feeds you can feed.
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    I tried Dumor, my birds refused to eat it and it didn't smell very well, I feed Sprout, made by Fleet Farm here in the Midwest, it smells good enough to put some milk on and have a bowl.
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  10. Lazy J Farms Feed & Hay

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    Dumor is what we call in the Feed Industry as a Toll Milled Feed. TSC has a set of specifications for their feeds and bids out the feed to any company that wants to bid on them. The Dumor feeds can be made by different Toll Millers throughout the country.

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