Dumour or Purina?

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    Mar 4, 2007
    Which do you guys feed and how do you feel about either? I feed dumour right now but I can get some Layena Sunfresh for just 20 cents more. I know both feeds are made by Purina but is Layena any better than Dumour 16%? And is Purina Layena considered organic?
    Thanks everyone!
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    I prefer the Purina Game Chow-Layena over the Sunfresh varieties. It is more expensive, but the protein is 20% in the Gmae Chow Layena and its protein is derived from both animal & plant. If you breed birds & are saving eggs for hatching, some animal protein is better for fertility than the regular Sunfresh Layena that has only plant protein. This has been the general concensus. [Since the scare of MadCow disease, Purina began making their general feed solely of plant proteins. Breeders noticed a severe decline in fertility and feather plummage health immediately.]

    You do have to be careful if you use the Purina Game Chow-Startena (30%) because it may or may not be medicated (I hear they make it medicated but I have not been able to find it & I have asked my fedstore to order it to no avail). I am planning on adding amprolium to their water instead (and have it ordered).

    If you look at Purina's Sunfresh "Flock Raiser", it is 20% protein but has ONLY plant protein. If your birds free range and eat bugs & you supplement with oyster shell (I supplement even when mine are on a Layena feed), then you do not have to worry about the source of protein and % calcium. I found the "Flock Raiser" was otherwise, generally, a good feed.

    I like the higher protein %. IMHO, below 18% protein is unacceptable.

    To my knowledge, none of the Purina feed is "organic."

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