Dumped ducks pinellas county florida


Jan 31, 2020
Hello all, unfortunately today during my daily visit to the park there are some new ducks that are freshly dumped. They are beautiful pekins, seem to be 1 boy and 3 girls. I'd love to take them in, but I already have the maximum amount of ducks I'm allowed to in my area. I was wondering if anybody would be able to take them in? I'd be happy to help you catch them but they really need a good home. I guarantee all 3 of the females will die if they are left here because this pond has way too many male ducks so every female gets mated to death I've seen it happen a dozen times. I would be incredibly appreciative, and the ducks would be too if anybody is able to take them in and give them a good home.



Oct 16, 2020
Northern California
Poor things are so new they are scared of the water, they run away from the water when I go near them instead of into the water like the rest of the ducks, and they seem pretty scared of the people too.
What a bummer. I hope you are able to find them good homes. Maybe try posting in the Florida state thread too if you haven't yet.


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Feb 3, 2021
Yeah I've posted in the Florida thread before and it's very inactive, but ill try again soon. Also my local spca has Pekin ducks pretty often so I'm going to call and ask them if they would take them in and adopt them out
Gee, my local SPCA was one of the main dumpers of domestic ducks and geese in the park, back when it was being called a "duck park", where people were encouraged to come feed the ducks. Unfortunately, visitors mostly fed bread during the warm weather months.

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