Dumped ducks pinellas county florida


Aug 16, 2021
All went well!! It took awhile, but I managed to get all 4 of them. Almost got all 4 at once but one of the girls got back into the pond, she was immediately mounted and being chased around by the male ducks there so I knew I couldn't leave her overnight. Had to wait about 30-40 minutes for her to come back off the water then I had to walk into the middle of the pond in my shoes and jeans just to keep her from running back into the water, and then I was able to chase her down and catch her. Now all 4 are safe in my coop and we will be on the way to SPCA tomorrow!!

Thank you!
They are being awful loud today
Still waiting on a call back from the spca but I'll call them again if it doesn't come soon.
That's not loud for Pekin females!! you should hear my son's two!!!
Thank you again for all the trouble you have gone to for these four girls.

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