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Discussion in 'Geese' started by boredcolliejane, Sep 21, 2011.

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    We live on a river and have 2 geese and 8 hens, and my mother witnessed a woman come up to our house in a boat yesterday and shoo an African goose up to our land. She said she was calling it a name. My mom thought it was one of our African geese, but the goose is still here today, swimming against the bank, and our geese don't swim in the river. (Preferring to sit in tubs of water.) Our geese and the new goose have been talking to each other a bit.

    I tried to feed it this morning but it wouldn't come close enough and stayed in the water. We don't mind adopting it, if it can get along with our geese. (We think we have a goose and gander, but they were hatched this spring, so not totally sure yet) This goose also looks to be about the same age as ours. Someone probably got it from a feed store in town and decided they didn't want it anymore. They've probably seen our geese honk at them as they've boated past enough times to know our geese are the same breed, too.

    Any thoughts on dumped geese?
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    Keep luring it with feed. I'm glad you want to keep it. It saddens me that people are so irresponsible. I work at a feed store and when we have chicks and ducks I make sure the people know what it involves taking care of them. If I see a person looking like they only want one or two for a kid, I discourage them from getting them. We also have a minimum that they can buy. Last year it was 10 but we are thinking of upping that. Also we dont sell any the week of Easter. If it is a person I know has chickens and they only want a couple of a specific breed we get in I will sell them that ammount, but it has to be someone who is in alot and I know has chickens or ducks. I noticed at our local park someone has dropped off some Anconas. The park district wont let you take them off the pond. It makes me worry come winter that they will not survive.
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    Someone dumped a nice Chinese goose into the pond down the road. I went back a couple of days to try to set food out to catch it, but I think the coyotes got it first. [​IMG]
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    Quote:How sad [​IMG]

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