Dun Laced Bantam Wyandottes ~ Bantam Wyandotte Pair

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    UPDATE: Auction closed early due to seller's remorse!

    This pair of Bantam Dun Laced Wyandottes is less than a year old. I purchased them last fall from a local breeder. Both are proven fertile and I've hatched several chicks from them. However, they would do best paired off with nice quality bantam silver laced Wyandottes to bring out their full potential. I am downsizing my flock and cutting back on my projects. I just don't have the time to put into these nice birds that they deserve. They are good-natured, curious and friendly little darlings.

    Flock was recently tested clean for AI and salmonella pullorum-typhoid.

    Shipping includes a new shipping box ($15) and Express Mail within the 48 states (sorry, cannot ship to VA due to permitting reqs). Shipping may be less, depending on where you are located and I will adjust accordingly (PM me if you want a personalized quote).

    (Note: the dingy areas on the cockerel's neck and wing and the pullet's wing are just dirtiness - They will be bathed and beautiful before shipment!)
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] M...U...ST HAVE!!

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