Duplex dog house as coop?

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  1. I have been planning to build a chicken-ark type coop and run, but I am having lingering doubts about how safe my birds would be from predators in such a structure. So looking around for options, I came across this dog house:


    - the roof comes off and the floor is also removable. Keeping it clean could be pretty easy.
    - it looks to be roughly 12.5 square feet inside (that's without the partition, obviously). I'd like to have about 5-6 chickens, this is enough space? We'd build a good-sized outside run, too.
    - the two doorways could be openings for nest boxes accessible from the outside. We'd cut a door on the other side of the house and vents into the side, and add roost bars.

    - The total cost of buying/modifying this thing and building a predator-proof fixed run would be a couple of hundred dollars more than the ark.
    - ?
    Are there any drawbacks to this doghouse that I've missed?

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    u could build something much larger and more efficiant with the same amount of money thet you would spend o the dog house. i would build my own coop for less $
  3. That seems a little small for six birds according to the standard of 4sq.ft/bird. The cost seems a bit much too for what you are getting. If you aren't able to build yourself try looking in your area for a handyman that you can show some of the designs on this site to and get an estimate on what he would charge in materials and labor to get what you want done. That might give you something better for your money and put someone in need of work in your area a job for a few days. Good luck
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    Those are only made to look pretty so you buy them. That wood is bad and will most likely warp at the first sign of moisture. I think a large igloo dog house would at least hold up to the weather.
  5. OK, I'm convinced! Building my own is best. [​IMG]
  6. Sugar Sand Farm

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    My DH didnt want to build eithr so he bought a 8 x 10 shed at Home Depot and modified that. It didn't cost much more than the dog house there. He also bought a 72"x100 feet of 2 x 4 welded wire fencing for 72.00 the put chicken wire on the inside to protect from coons pulling the chickens through. Made a really nice run that he attached to the shed. He put the fencing down in the ground a foot to keep predators from digging in. Check around you would be surprised what you will find.
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    if you have the ability there are a lot of really nice functional coops on here for ideas. Even if you need plans do an internet search for chicken coop plans and you will be surprised at the amount of free and low cost plans. So many people on here have used play houses or small sheds to blend in to their environment but still be very functional.

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