Duramycin - 10 and laying hens


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Mar 5, 2010
North Branch, MN
I had a rooster die of an upper respiratory problem and as a precaution I started the whole flock on Duramycin-10. The label says not for hens laying eggs intended for human consumption. So I went online to find out more and looked at some of the talk on this forum, but I feel even more confused than before. I have been giving them the med for 5 days now, does this mean I can no longer eat eggs from my hens again? According to some of the info online, that is right. Some of the antibiotic is still present in the yolks even after a withdrawal period. I do know that the internet can be a great tool, but sometimes the info is just plain incorrect. So does anyone else have any information about this?

Also, anyone know what is recommended for treating UR if you are trying to stay as organic as possible? I am not opposed to meds if needed, but wonder what the big organic producers use when they have a sickness come through their flock, anyone know?

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