duramycin and feeding back eggs

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    Ok, so I finally decided to put my girls on Duramycin (per the feed store guy). They have had a slight cold off and on for a month. While I was gone we lost 2 pullets. I dont want to loose anymore. All the adults are fine, a couple got a sneeze and then were fine. There are 3 of the 6 month pullets that have a cough/sneeze, but otherwise act fine. Their stools are normal. This is day two of the antibiotics and they seem to be getting better now.

    Either the two pullets we brought in brought something in, or it was a coincidence and the molt brought it out and they already had something. I am not interested in culling, because these are pets and we are not selling any. They are just for us and our eggs. We will have these girls until they die.

    So my questions is, I know you cannot eat the eggs for 21 days after treatment. I realize that after they are done with treatment it would be bad to feed the eggs to the chickens (low dose antibiotic and resistanct organism, I get that), BUT would it be ok to feed them back WHILE they are being treated? At least we would not waste all the eggs?

    Luckily with the molt we are only getting 1-3 eggs a day and none of the pullets are laying yet.

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    By feeding them back the eggs, you are extending the withdrawal time. The point of the withdrawal time is to make sure the drug residue is completely gone from the eggs by the time a human is going to eat those eggs. It is not recommended that the eggs are fed back to the bird during treatment.

    Good luck.

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