during the 21st day or after 21 days

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    Feb 9, 2012
    I waited until after 18 days were past for lockdown. went in on tuesday at 5:30. I went into lockdown after 5:30 on a saturday

    [​IMG]are they suppose to hatch during the 21st day or after 21 days are up....

    Tuesday at 5:30 21 days will be over

    I know ...it all depends on if the temp was too high...or too low...or whatever..but i mean in a perfect setting. I assume they will hatch during the 21st day?

    what happens more for you guys.. early...late...or always just depends on the conditions in which they were incubated. Some days my temp went up a bit..my thermometers aren't perfect.. but I would say on the average my temp may have been a small amount on the low side but..no way to really know.

    I'll be home for work on tuesday (day 21) at around 5:00 and I'm off wednesday (22). so with a little luck maybe I'll be home for some of the hatch. It would be nice if i'm taking them out of the incubator on my day off so they aren't in the incubator all day on day 23 [​IMG]

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