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    Oct 13, 2011
    Well i gave my new hens this antibiotic for about a week and a half to 2 weeks and apparantly didnt read on the pack that you wasnt supposed to give it to laying hens. When i got them i called the vet and told him i had given them this antibiotic and asked how long to throw out the eggs and he said 3 weeks he never made a big deal about me giving this to the hens. However, i was told today (not from the vet) that it isnt recommended to give laying hens this antibiotic and that the eggs will always and forever have trace amounts of this antibiotic in them. I find this hard to believe. After i have thrown the eggs out for 3 weeks will all the antibiotic be out of the hens system? Will the eggs be safe to eat after three weeks?
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    Quote:Don't worry about it. That antibiotic is in the tetracyclene family and that is commonly prescribed to people. Tetracyclene in full strength can cause children with developing teeth and pregnant mothers with an unborn child to have slightly stained yellow teeth enamel.. Other words side effects are very low even in full strength. I've talked to MD's and a veterinarian about this and asked them the very same questions in the past. They just said to just throw the eggs out for a couple days before eating them. to say trace amounts of something might be in something we ate is so ridiculous to worry about. Did you know we eat or drink trace amounts of toxic metals and poisons everyday like arsenic? We still manage to live 100+ sometimes. Seriously don't worry about it. But tip: I don't like the idea of using antibiotics most conditions are due to other factors than an infection. Check into obvious problems like parasites and mold. I keep my water containers cleaned out with bleach water. Keep their coop free of spilled food that causes mold. . And I haven't had to use antibiotics in years. Serf around the site look into organic options and ways to keep poultry healthy without using antibiotics. Learn about bio-security. (My spelling stinks don't quote that part) good luck

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