Dusky Blue Fawn Hen?

"Dusky Blue Fawn" is sort of an oxymoron. There's a Blue Fawn (wild-type grey mallard pattern + a single blue dilution), or a Blue Dusky (the dusky blocks most of the wild-type grey pattern - so, it eliminates the white neck ring and claret breast, etc., and if you add a blue dilution on top of that, you get a Blue Dusky...)

This is a juvenile Blue Dusky Runner hen - I was working on this color pattern a few years ago, but got out of them to focus on Magpie Call ducks instead:

Whoops! of course! I promise my copy of Ashton's Colour Breeding is on its way from the UK ;)

This is the girl I am trying to puzzle out: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/662875/what-color-is-this-girl#post_8947974

I thought she was blue fawn but seemed too monochromatic compared to online photos of that color of duckling.

I didn't sign on for this, extended black dilutions were sposed to be all I needed to know for my breed! ;)

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