Dust bath for 5 day old chick


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Jul 9, 2007
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It was so cute yesterday when I put my 5 day old chicks outside to play for for a bit. One of them was taking a dust bath. She was really enjoying flipping the dirt onto her back and rolling and laying in the dirt. The other chickies were running around eating and pecking at stuff. So tiny and yet they know what to do. It was sooooooooo cute. Nest time I will try and get a picture.
I love when our big hens dust bathe! At 3 days old, my baby chicks were "dust bathing" in their pine shavings! Then the others would surround it & pick all the shavings off. Now at 3 wks old, I'm having to change the water ALL THE TIME because of their pine shaving baths!

My chicks also dust bathed at about a week old. It was so funny to watch!

Cleaning shavings out of water is what I do 5 times a day...

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