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  1. when I mix up my dust bath ingredients I am using, ( wood ash, sand, peat moss and DE, ) my question is when I add those ingredients, should I layer it in the bath and let the chickens mix it up? or should I mix it when adding?, and how much DE should I put in?

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    I would eliminate the DE. It does not discriminate about which bugs it kills and honey bees are affected. It becomes airborn and drifts about with a breeze too.

    My neighbor keeps bees and we did a lot of reading up when he had a couple hives die off unexpectedly.

    I use the other ingredients that you listed and kind of fluff it a bit then the gals do the rest. Mine actually prefer that I do not add sand either. I made two spots one did not have sand and EVERYONE piled in the no sand bath.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Agrees on skipping the DE.
    Probably frozen and/or snow covered there in PA now, huh?
    Is there a sheltered place in your run where the dirt will remain dry and unfrozen?

    I've got a spot that works most the winter, this winter at least, they prefer that to what I have in a bin inside the coop. Have tried to put stuff out for them to bathe in, they usually ignore it, digging new baht holes somewhere else.

    I wouldn't worry about mixing it or not.
  4. my dust bath is under the covered and enclosed run, the last time I added to the bath I added sand, pete moss and wood ash, and DE, when I when out to check it frozen, yesterday I just added peat moss, wood ash, and sprinkled DE,
    right after I added in the bath area 5 of the 7 were in having a field day,
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    Is there a ratio to the mixture of sand and ash? It seems to me that they would sink in the ash alone...

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