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    Nov 5, 2009
    Hi everyone
    I am wondeirng the best thing to do to get your chickens to use a dust bath? I have tried everything and they just go all around it and wont really use any of it ....right now their outside pen has sand in it but we got some rain so it is more bogged down.

    If I toss some DE in there in a pile they walk around it will lay next to it but not in it? Any ideas would be appreciated TY :)
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    My guess is that they'll take a dust bath when they decide it's time to do so. Mine love to bury themselves in the garden soil on sunny days... unfortunately, we haven't had many sunny days lately.
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    Apr 21, 2010
    I put sand and DE in one of those rubber feed pans from TSC. It is pretty popular. I use horse bedding pellets in coop. When they get wet from the waterer overflowing, they turn into sawdust. The chickens really like the sawdust. Especially if it is hot outside and the sawdust is a little damp. They look messy but seem to be having fun. I have moved the waterer outside in the run.
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    I know it's sorta frustrating when you make something special for your chickens and they turn up their beaks at it. However, dust bathing is something they pretty much decide for themselves whether they wanna do it or not. And where.

    Maybe it's in a draft you can't feel. Maybe there's a sunnier place they like better. I know I thought it was pretty cool when others posted their dust bath "facilities" and how much their chickens liked 'em, but mine don't "bathe" in the ones I set out for them in kitty litter pans. They scratch in it, and peck the pebbles out of the construction sand, but they make dust baths in the yard. A couple of my chickens will perch on the edge of the pan, guarding it from others (This is MY grit pile, not YOURS!) but the only time they actually do the dust bathing maneuver is when it's rainy outside. Then they'll take turns in the pans I gave them for that purpose, because they're under cover and it's the only dry, sandy soil.
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