Dust bathing in DE and/or wood ash

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by leight54, Jun 17, 2011.

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    The thought of mites, lice or any other creepy crawlies on my girls is not a pleasant one [​IMG] . So I'm planning to do a pre-emptive strike and offer an occasional dust bath of DE or wood ash - or both. I have read here that many of you do this.

    My question is: Is it better to offer it in a box or some sort of bucket, or just sprinkle it around the run and coop? My thinking is that if I offer it in a box, there is less waste, and it will last longer. I have a small supply of ash available (not a whole lot in the fireplace), and don't want to keep buying DE, if I can keep using it repeatedly.

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    May 13, 2011
    I'd like to know also... will be watching this one.
  3. leight54

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    .....or both?
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    Both just make sure the DE is food grade.
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    During the summer my chickens free range and find their own spot to dust in but during the winter I have a box in their coop for them to dust in. I mix dirt, sand, ashes and DE. I would think just ashes and/or DE would be too light weight for them. They would need something with a little more substance. I would at least add some sand. Just to warn you though; if you do use ashes, your coop will get a layer of dust on everything, and I mean everything. [​IMG] I'll give them some fresh stuff and when I go in the coop later, there's a dust cloud in there.
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    Thanks! [​IMG]

    Part of their run is under the coop, and stays very dry. I'll try putting it in there to avoid the dust problem. I see what you're saying about it being too light. I'll add some sand, and that should help get the DE and/or ash into the feathers and to the skin, where it will do the most good, right?
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    What is the best mix? I'm planning a sand box with sand and DE. Should it be 50/50? Or should something else be added? I won't have any ash until winter time.

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    Apr 22, 2011
    If they free range, they will find places in the yard to make their own bath. So far, my girls have made 3 sites and all are acceptable to me. Not sure what I would do if I didn't want them there! Two are in areas where the soil is cool and is nice on warmer days. Today, it is raining and they found a bone dry area under a ledge. They sure know how to take care of themselves. I read on an earlier post to sprinkle DE as if you were sifting from a flour sifter onto wood shavings because it doesn't take much and it is so "dusty." That is what I have done and so far, so good.

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