Dusting birds?

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    Mar 1, 2016
    I recently cleaned out the coop due to a mite infestation. As PeepersMama and Wyorp Rock suggested I dusted the coop (and myself) with DE and replaced all bedding and straw. Now that I've done that, how do I treat the birds? I put a handful of DE on their backs and tried working it into the feathers. That was a flapping/squawking failure. I'm pretty sure I don't put them in a paper bag with a bunch of DE and shake it like Shake 'n Bake. What do I do?
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    As suggested in your other post (https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/1144492/tiny-bugs-on-eggs#post_17829425), you can use Poultry Dust or Permethrin spray to get rid of your infestation. The dust comes in a shaker can so it's somewhat easy to use, dust under the wings and the around the vent. Some people do place the chicken in a bag with neck and head sticking out and dust that way, others put dusting powder in an old sock or hosiery then apply to areas of the chicken (this allows powder to seep through the fabric - you would need to pat the sock against the bird to apply the powder. There is also a "pest pistol" that you can put the dust in to have more control.

    DE may be effective in prevention of mites/lice and can be useful in dust bathing areas, rubbing into the wood in nesting boxes and roosts.

    Whatever method you use, wear a respirator.


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