Dutch Bantam and Upstate NY Winter Weather?

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  1. I live in Upstate NY.. we don't see many, if any, days below 0.. this past winter we hardly went below 32..but that is rare.. Temps usually range in the 20s to 30s with nights in the teens.. We may get some nights below 0..

    How would a Dutch Bantam rooster fare? I have a 8x10 Amish shed coop but it is not heated. I have a Silkie hen and 4 standard hens. In the past I have had a small rooster.. I don't know what type he was.. he was smaller than my Silkie and maybe an English Game.. and he was fine.. Single Comb..
    My chickens are not fee roaming

    Someone here has a Dutch Bantam rooster looking for a home and since we are currently rooster-less.. I was thinking of taking him.


    ETA: I've gotten my answer.. and it is a Not a Good Idea.. Thanks Laura for your input!
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