Dutch Handles First Hawk Attack..No Losses


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DH and I are sitting eating an early supper. Suddenly, I hear an explosion of screams (first from Dutch), cackles, and crashing, and jump up and run to the open door, just in time to see a hawk swoop up from the brush where all my chickens have burst from and are running toward the house. Dutch led them under the deck and some ran for the coop and underneath it, as well. We do a scratch call and count; apparently they are all accounted for, at least I think so. This was Dutch's very first actual rooster duty, other than fertilizing eggs and he handled it perfectly. We haven't had a hawk attack in ages and ages, but now with migrating birds, could be more frequent, I guess.
I'm not sure what kind of hawk, it happened so fast. It was a large one with a long multi-banded tail, probably a Cooper's Hawk or whatever type is similar to that.
We keep a big can of scratch grains and shake it when we want the flock to come back from wherever they've been ranging. They all come to the sound of the scratch can, even the youngsters. Then we do a head count of the birds...and now, that's not easy with 40-something birds in the laying flock.
Good for Dutch! I've been lucky enough when the hawks come to call that Pudster is out there, I think Blue and the other Roos could handle it, but no one messes with Pudster's birds!
Oh, I am so glad they are safe. We had a hawk swoop down in the yard on Saturday, they all ran back into the coops.
Its very scary because it only takes a second.
I know what you mean by trying to count 40, mine will come over to me for bananas though, thats how I round mine up to count.

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