dutch hookbill ducks-iniana


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Dec 1, 2008
Petersburg, ind.
Has anybody ever had dutch hookbill ducks? Are they any harder to raise than the other breeds of ducks. I ordered 10 of them from Holderread and due to arrive May 6. Norman
I raised 6 Dutch Hookbill ducklings from Holderread's last spring. I picked 6 of them up from his place. One died at 3 days old, just never seemed to start eating (I have had chicks do the same thing). The others thrived. I have never raised ducklings before so I don't know how they compare to other breeds, but 5 of the 6 were active and inquisitive right from the start. Have fun with them! I ended up with them after he sold out of the Appleyards. I got 2 drakes and 3 hens, one of the hens was a Dusky, all the rest were Bibbed.

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