Dutch x Serama Cockerel 4 mo House Tame & Kid Friendly p/u PGH area

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    Oct 6, 2009
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    This is Manchas (Spots) and he is a real loverboy! He hatched out on Valentine's Day with 4 brothers and one sister.
    The sister and a brother are staying, and Manchas was such a frendly guy that we couldn't bear to part with him for a long time.
    Sometimes, when you've got a big heart like Manchas, you've got to speak up for the things you care about and that's what he does.
    He chortles about everything, and crows often about things too. We love him, and he even joins us for dinner on he deck sometimes,
    but Manchas is inside a lot because of his crowing, while his really quiet brother is outside with the pullet crowing a few times in the morning.

    Would you like a playful, happy chortling boy to follow you or your kids around on your country property?
    Manchas is the guy for you! All the personality of a Serama (his mom) in a slightly hardier Dutch Bantam (dad--24 oz-ish) size body.
    His dad was a beautiful Red Pyle.


    Please let Manchas live the good life! PM me for more details.

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    Hey, umm my Messaging wasn't working. We live up in Altoona, so it's a while from Milwaukee. If I got him I would put him with my little hen.

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