Dutchess had 2 kids Today!


14 Years
Apr 4, 2008
Tucson AZ
Today while out to lunch with my husband, we went to Sweet Tomatoes, we had just got seated when I got a text message, asking if I could go check on Dutchess. Her due date was today. And sure enough when I got there she was in the early stages of labor. I got to help birth the first one, a little doe, pure black Nubian. Her brother came next, both were 8lbs 2 oz. Not bad for a first time mom. She did great! Very calm, just kept putting her head against the walls of the pen. Then finally she found a comfortable spot layed down and quickly gave birith.
It was great!

Both kids are healthy and cute! We named them George and Gracie.

Here are some photos, taken by a phone camera, so they are not the best quality, but .. I will get more photos as the days go by. Since I am on goat duty this weeken.

Didn't get any photos of Gracie being born, too busy watching and getting things all set. Jennifer (owner of the goats)arrived just after Gracie was born. She helped deliver George.

Here are some photos.

Birth of George


Cutting Georges' Cord

Jennifer holding George

After about 20 minutes the kids were up on wobbley legs, but standing up on their own!

Here I am with the "old" kids looking in the Birthing Pen at Dutchess and her new babies.

Just before that last photo was taken all the goats were with me looking in at the new kids, even the duck was sticking his head in to see, but those moments don't always get recorded except in our memories.

Here is what we were seeing in the Birthing Pen.



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