Duval County, Jacksonville FL Petition opportunity !!!! Get there!!!!

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    There is going to be a petition for Backyard poultry @

    The Duval County Extension Office/UF IFAS will be holding a workshop on Raising Backyard Poultry on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 6PM. The topics to be covered include: Breed Selection, Nutrition and Feeding, Basic Management and recycling of chicken litter, changing city ordinance and petition update and general tips.

    This workshop will be at the Duval County Extension Office. The workshop is free with light refreshments furnished by Standard Feed & Seed, Dinsmore Feed & Supply and Purina Mills. Please call Becky Davidson at 904-255-7450 to pre-register or for more information.

    Please go if you can show that we are serious about changing Jacksonville's ordinance
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    Oh and there will be coupons for two free chicks from standard feed, they receive from Ideal hatchery.
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    May 8, 2011
    I hope a lot of people go there and vote to change the city ordinance! Ridiculous that chickens are banned as pets in this day and age.

    Do a lot of people keep chickens "illegally" in cities like Jacksonville where they are banned? Because I was thinking, how do feed stores, tractor supplies, etc sell chicks if it's against the rules and since they do sell chicks, I would assume they sell well....which would mean there's loads of "illegal chicken keepers" I guess it's only a problem if you get caught.
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    The ACAC basically runs a "If no one complains" DADT policy - that is if all of your neighbors are ok then you are good to go, but if an anonymous person tips the city off, even if they are not affected by your animals you might have a fight then.

    The feedstores (like fireworks stands, and Red-ear slider (turtle) sellers) in Jacksonville operate under a know your zoning in your area- it's not our job.

    In Duval County (Jacksonville) RR1, ARG1 and ARG2 are allowed poultry, RR1 has the most restrictions like offset from property lines and offset from neighbor's occupied dwelling etc.

    The Right to Farm Act in FL does not 'trump' zoning laws but keeps your roosters from being a breech of sound ordinance after three years [that way new neighbors are SOL if you have had them and a long time neighbor that you annoy cannot turn in your chickens as a nuisance] (not that one rooster can usually qualify as a sound breech by himself anyway)

    Also some people travel in to get feed and animals going from anywhere north of FL to most points in the peninsula if you are on I-95 or I-295 and are traveling with or to livestock it makes scene to get supplies in the first real city or opportunity to do so.
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    May 8, 2011
    Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining!

    I just realized that meeting is today, right? Hopefully chicken lovers go there and change the city ordinance :)
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    Apr 22, 2012
    So has it passed that you can raise back yard chickens? Or how do I find out. I would like to have three or four hens for my own egg use. But I do not have friendly neighbors all around. Please let me know where I could find out. Thank you
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    "Hens in Jax" is the facebook.
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    Hello: I live In east Jacksonville, FL off of Kernan and Atlantic. I just ordered a chicken coop online and I am planning on raising chicken (2or 3) in my backyard. This is all new to me. I have been reading books on it and search the internet, but would appreciate any assistance and local news and gathering place to meet like minded people.
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    Sunny side up :)
    How did this turn out? I never heard anything about it on the news. I am in a rural residential area of Duval so we can keep them and various farm animals but I think it would be great if everyone in Jax could.

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