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    Thought I'd share my solution to clean water. Right now I have made these and use them for my ducks and quail. I was sick of ducks emptying every waterer i used in no time, and my quail kept filling thier bowls with shavings and feed..these now allow for cleaner water that lasts a lot longer. I haven't seen this design before but i based it on small bird waterers that clip on cages.

    These work because of science..lol water and air pressures and such. The water level always stays at the hieght of the water bottles lowest point. Best part is because yhe pvc bottles dont allow light, i dont worry about algae growth.

    The small quail ones are made of 1"pvc and work great, a 1 liter bottle of water lasts a long time.

    The larger ones are in my duck pen thats why they are muddy, ducks are messy, if i had these in the chicken area they would be clean just like the smaller quail version.

    These were made using 2"pvc pipe, 2"90 elbows, 4"to 2" reducers used for drinking cups and a 3"to 2" reducer for the part that accepts the water bottle. Since i couldnt find a bottle big enough to hold enough water, i just made my own using a 4' piece of 4" pvc with a 4x2 reducer and an end cap. I fill it just like a bottle through the narrow end and then tip it up into place in the 3x2" reducer, this forms a seal and allows the water to stay at the right level until the tube or "bottle" is empty. The 4x4 tube holds 3.5 gallons.

    Any questions feel free to ask

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    this is one way of using the stuffs that are lying around the house.

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