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    May 2, 2016
    I've raised my chickens as peeps from the tractor store. They've done well thus far they have been laying about a month now. This morning woke up to a dead chicken. I'm not sure if it was vomit or feces but there was something mixed with blood through the coupe. Now I notice one of my others has been acting lethargic and roaching her back up. They aren't the most friendly but she has been letting me hold her for a week now. I read that it's common that chickens get eggs "stuck" I bathed her in empsom salts and massaged her. Does this sound like an illness? What are the chances of 2 out of 6 having "stuck" eggs? I didn't feel or see anything around her bottom area. She didn't vomit "water" awhile after the bath. Not sure if I should take her away from the rest or what. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Jun 21, 2014
    It's too much of a coincidence for two hens right in a row to be egg bound... it seems more like a disease spreading problem. I would quarantine the hen from the rest of the flock. If you have a separate coop that would be great, if not make her a fence near (but not close where disease can spread) her flock to keep her comforted. Give her a place to lay eggs, eat, sleep, and drink. But don't share any of her stuff with the other hens, if you go out and touch anything she has touched, wash your hands right after so you don't make yourself or the healthy birds sick. Just make sure she has a safe place that no predators can get to. I would also call a knowledgeable farm vet to give you some answers on whats wrong with her, or even come out and examine her. But it is probably best to separate her, because if it is a disease, it will spread very fast throughout the flock (for some reason chickens get diseases very easily and don't handle illness well at all) and you could loose all of your hens.

    Best wishes and I hope your hen makes a good turn around!!

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