Dying chicks

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    My chicks are dying. [​IMG] The first two were very small barred rocks, so I understood, sort of, why they got squished. This 3rd one was an EE that was probably a few days older than the BRs. I got them all a week ago. I had 16 chicks, 4 I hatched myself. The only thing different right now is that I am using wood chips (just added yesterday evening). Last time I had chicks, I kept them on newspaper the entire time in the brooder and I only lost one within the first couple days. I am giving them vitamin filled water & starter food. I am typing because I think another of my EE's are lethargic. [​IMG] I do not want to lose any more!!! The 4 I hatched seem to be fine at the moment. All the chicks who are dying are ones I purchased from a coop who I placed an order with. [​IMG] I am afraid to go in their and look now. Every time I do I don't want to find a dead chick. Help! (no pasty butt either)
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    That is so sad, I'm sorry to hear about your dying chicks. I didn't have any die early, but I've read a good bit about them and sometimes there are just 'sickly' chicks. I gave my Save-A-Chick in their water and they all did great. Are you sure they are warm enough? If they are cold, they will pile up and crush each other. Best wishes!
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    Quote:I'm so sorry for your babies that you have lost [​IMG]

    Were your chicks vaccinated for Mareks? Mareks is transmitted in the air and can be transmitted on your clothes after being outside. Also, Cocci is possible if you have your chickens in any space where other chickens have exsisted. Do you see any blood in feces? Blood in feces is usually a sign of Cocci. Sulmet is a good powder med you can purchase at most feed stores or online at Jeffers.com.

    Best Wishes,
    Beth [​IMG]

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