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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by calichickenlove, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. calichickenlove

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    Mar 3, 2014
    Hi, I'm new to raising chickens. Today I bought 2 black australorps (<-spelling?) chicks and when I got them home and put them in their little space with heat light, fresh bedding, water and starter they looked "tired". They didn't cheep much and just laid face down. One died a few hours later and the other one can barely walk and will fall and lays on his face and I'm really afraid she will die too. What should I do? Do you think they were sick when I bought them? I'm going back to the feed store where I got them tomorrow I just don't know if I can bare to watch another little one die :( HELP!
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    Hi there, new chicks need to be 'mothered'. Did you dip their beaks into the water? They really need a bit of direction as far as drinking/eating goes. Your 2nd chick may be too far gone by now, best of luck.
  3. calichickenlove

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    Mar 3, 2014
    Thank you for the advice! I'm going to try that now :)
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Sorry to hear about your chicks, I'm pretty new to this process also I have about 20 chicks and they'll doing great two rod to iwhen you get more be in touch I'll be glad to help you first read about chicks first ideal poultry will send you more chicks and they will tell you to give them grovel and stick each chicks head in it it just sugar water with vitamins the electro lights help them please let me know how your girl makes out sugar water in fine for now 2 table spoons per quart good luck
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    It's likely that there was something wrong with them when you got them if they were acting like that right when you got home. That's assuming they didn't get very cold on the way home. What kind of brooder setup do you have? How big? What kind of heat source?
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    oh my! Im brand spankin new to chicks aswell... i did ALOT of research before i ordered mine tho so i was SURE of what to do when i get mine (mine ship monday) I also bought this book (read the whole thing cover to cover in 2 days... it tells you almost everything you need to know about raising them... http://www.amazon.com/Storeys-Guide...-1&keywords=storeys+guide+to+raising+chickens
    also watch you tube videos of what to do when getting new chicks ;) dipping their beaks in the water.... putting a little food on a peice of foil or paper towel till they know what their food looks like and tastes like.. how your brooder should be set up. THAT book however will let you know almost everything u NEED to know.. and of course you have everyone on here to help you along the way.. i just suggest doing alot of reasearch... GOOGLE is my friend.. [​IMG]
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    So sorry about the babies! :( No advice here, just condolences. :(
  8. Klutch

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    Did you take the chicks out of the bin yourself? One thing I noticed is when feed store employees take the chicks our for you, they always grab the easiest chick they could catch. So make sure you pick out every chick for them to catch for you. This happen to me and I should have known better :(
  9. cafarmgirl

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    What are the temps in your brooder? Do they have room to move away from the heat source?
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    Go to Tractor Supply or your local feed store and get a small bottle of Poultry Nutri-Drench.
    Give each chick one drop by mouth. Then put it in the water. as directed on the bottle.
    It is very concentrated and will last a long time. It is everything the chick needs. Mainlines
    straight into the bloodstream . 50% uptake in 15 minutes. 99% uptake in 30 minutes.
    It is more tha electrolytes. Doesn't need digesting. Your chick probabaly died of stress.

    If they don't have the Poultry Formula, in a pinch, you can use one of the other formulas.
    They will probably have Goat formula Or Pet Nutri-Drops ( for newborns and pets under 25 lbs.). Tho all of the Bovidr Labs formulas are created
    for specific species, all the formulas also fall within the legal and medical guidelines for
    a universal donor formula. I have been using them on my birds and collies for over a
    decade. Top quality. 860,000 birds aren't wrong. http://nutridrench.com/our-products-1.html

    Karen and the Light Sussex
    in western PA
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