Dying eggs for Easter? Marans, Welsummers, Olives???


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Aug 18, 2008
I'm gearing up to sell a lot of my multi-colored eggs to local families (with small children) for their Easter Dying Adventures.

Question is - how will those dark Marans and Olive eggs 'take' the dye? Will the colors come out yucky or fantastic? Does anyone have any recommendations, tips, or tricks I can give to my customers? Have you used the generic store (PAAS) dye? How about Onion skin dye?

Several of these families will be new customers with their Easter orders - and I'd really like to make it worth their while to become normal egg customers. Really don't want to disappoint the 7 yr old girl who tries to make a pink egg only to get a muddy brown.

Am I over-thinking this?
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Mar 29, 2009
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Not sure that the Maran eggs would do well -- those are dark, dark brown, right? If the olive eggs are dark, they might do okay in dark colors - purple, blue, green, red. Last year I saved my lighter brown eggs from my BR and BO and it worked well in any color. My EE eggs should do fine, also because they are blue, green, and light olive. I just used the dyes you use for dying frosting and such -- I think Betty Crocker brand -- you know the tear drop shaped dyes that come five in a package. You mixed so many drops of dye with vinegar and water. Directions are on the box.


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I dyed welsummer and olive and blue eggs one year along with the white ones. The many differnent shades of the dyed eggs was so pretty!

I especially liked how the brown and olive eggs came out.

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