Dying hen . . . looks like . . . sleeping sickness?

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    I've never lost one before so don't know what to think.
    Henny Penny came to me full grown and undetermined age (at least 2 years) a year ago with two other hens. I have never seen her lay an egg and expect that she hasn't since she has been here, I assumed she must be older. But she is pleasant so we let her hang around.
    I sold the two other hens about two weeks ago. I then noticed Henny Penny start acting "depressed", it could have started before but that's when I noticed it. She was getting up a little later each morning, going to bed a little earlier each night. Kinda keeping her feathers fluffed and napping a lot. I saw her eating, drinking and pooping daily but the sleeping got longer and longer like she can't stay awake even in the middle of things.
    She has since gone off feed for a few days now and is weak and sleeping all the time. She is almost gone now.
    I just figured she was old or missed her friends to much to go on (I heard of that happening). My husband is worried she might have something the others could catch. How do I know this or find out? I have read on here about autopsys(?) and stuff but where do you go for that and is it expensive and/or necessary?
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    Feel her abdomen and see if it is bloated. You can offer her treats like yogurt to see if she will eat. Bring her in the house is a dog crate so you can keep and eye on her and keep her warm and quiet. You can take her to most vets to do a necropsy if she does pass away. Offer her water with vitamins, electrlytes in it or molasses to give her energy. She may not be that old. Some hens can live to be 10.

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