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    Have a week old mixed heritage poult. Since it hatched it seemed different. A little slower to follow momma, easier to catch. Yesterday I went looking for them since I hadn't seen them in 24 hours (momma sleeps in a different spot every night) This little one was off about 10 feet from the rest peeping with its head down. I brought to mom, she walked off and the baby just sat there peeping with it's eyes closed. Briefly considered leaving it there, but I just couldn't.

    There are no signs of injury and it was dry (momma waits till the dew dries up before she takes them out). Wrapped it in a washcloth and stuck it in the heating pad. It stopped the peeping. It will not eat or drink on it's own. It prefers to stand or sit on it haunches rather than lay down. For a brief period last night it appeared to be trying to clear it's throat. The toes seem to be darker than they should be and so every little bit I have been massaging them to make sure the circulation stays in them. When I make it drink or eat it shakes its head like it doesn't like the taste. And shortly afterwards it throws it's head back. When standing it will stretch its head upwards (eyes closed) as though it were looking for something. If will crawl out of the heating pad if it gets to warm. And will crawl back in as well.

    I have given it Sulmet in its water. Been giving it Nutra drench. Have tried giving it yogurt and whey from cottage cheese. Tried tempting it with parakeet seed and layer crumbles. Not interested. It has pooped mostly white and loose yesterday. This morning the rear had some dark staining and what appeared to be a nutra-drench puddle. It has been pretty hot and humid and since I have been putting the fluids to the little fluff it may be a result of that.

    Right now it is leaning against the heating pad with its eyes closed and wings drooping. I am at a loss as what else I can do. Does anyone have suggestions or know what I am dealing with? Had an older poult have similar problems but the Sulmet and soft foods brought it around. That bird also had a lice infestation where this one does not.
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    Sounds like you are doing everything right. Fluids, mash, cocci treatment and heat. I hope it pulls through for you.

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