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    I am a relatively new chicken farmer. I bought 10 chicks on 1 Jan, and a friend cared for them until they were 5 weeks. When they could go outdoors, I brought them and put them into an old coop. They have been there for 6 weeks THRIVING, eating,, drinking, playing, cute! . Yesterday and the day before one died. We have only 8 at the moment left,and we are concerned that these are going to die.

    Two days ago, we observed a difference in appearance in one little Buff Orphington: The body scrunching together and the bird looking tiny. It still peeped and ate. We took the one out and it died as we lifted it. Yesterday there was a second one. We put in a small cage to quarentine and she died a few hours later. Today one more has the same thing. We put her into quarentine

    What can I do? What sort of medicine? How does one give it a dose?
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    Go to a feed store to the cattle medicines and buy Corid powder or liquid to treat them for possible coccidiosis. Dosage is 2tsp of the liquid or 1 1/2 tsp of the powder per gallon of water for 5 days. Mix new daily. If they are not drinking well, give it to them with a dropper. Symptoms of coccidiosis are lethargy, diarrhea with mucu or blood, poor appetite, and hunched posture. Let us know how it goes. Sorry for your loss.

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