Dying Turkey????


9 Years
Oct 21, 2010
I have a 1.5 year old male Turkey, I believe Bronze! Anyhow.... A week ago I noticed under his right wing that his skin has been removed and it is bare. At the top of his leg it appears as tho I can see tendons and muscle. It looks TERRIBLE!!!! I think that an animal may have unsuccessfully tried to kill him and possibly ripped his skin off. My Husband is afraid that it is some sort of disease and that he is in agony! My husband wants to put him out of his misery and not take chances on spreading this disease to our other poultry nor our children or dogs! I am unsure as to the correct route to take, which is why I am here for your help.
He is also missing feathers on the other side and appears as tho some skin has scabbed off....not wounds but like a peeling of the skin. Maybe molting? But at this age?
Anyhow....I have been spraying with iodine and shots of Tylan 50. Doesn't appear to be changing much. He has flies and smells HORRIBLE, but no maggots yet. He seems to "keep it clean" himself, as I often seeing him messing with it.
He is eating from what I can see and still gets around with a limp. However he does not roam with the other birds anymore.
Droppings are runny.
This particular turkey sleeps with my outside bloodhound! My bloodhound has taken the roll of chicken guard. As she takes it serious!!!! She does steal their table scraps, however I figure that is a fair trade for their safety!

Thanks in Advance!


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9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
If you want to try saving him, scrub him up good with Betadine scrub (NOT THE SOLUTION). Put a thick layer of Furazone and then cover that with some Swat. Swat will keep the flies away. Most feed stores sell these products.

I have had some pretty ripped up turkeys live and heal without a sign anything ever happened.


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May 2, 2009
Woods, TX
Adult turkeys are pretty tough! If you do what tunastopper said, you should be able to save him. Do you have a coop or a run you can keep him in while he heals?

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