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  1. In the last couple days there has been a couple auctions that now seem to be suspicious, as to who actually has the chickens for sale- look at the pictures and aren’t these the same birds but with different sellers?
    This one ended Yesterday Looks to me he copied the picture from the other Auctions.


    Item condition:


    Mar 05, 201212:05:14 PST
    Winning bid:

    US $152.50 [ 40 bids ]

    $12.50 USPS Priority Mail
    Item location:

    Elloree, SC, United States

    Member id c53r5500 ( Feedback Score Of 157 [​IMG]) |Seller's other items

    I keep one rooster per two hens.already there has been one hatch this month.
    These little bantams will catch your eye, they are very cute and tame.
    I am selling 4 eggs , but if they lay more during auction, you will get the extras.
    Please , pay as soon as possible after auction, i want you to get the precious eggs.
    Leave your feedback when you get the eggs in the mail.
    REMEMBER, I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER USPS DELIVERY , sometimes they don't handle them with care.
    I hope you enjoy these little polish bantams. thanks for bidding.
    PAYPAL ONLY. shipping to lower 48 states only.

    and this one.has listing for the birds buy it now for $134.95

    4+ Golden Laced Polish Hatching Eggs Exotica Fowl Farms *1 day Auction
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    Highly suspecious!

    Makes me wonder if there is something "padded" by these sellers if they are the same person. WOWERS, look at the prices on those hatching eggs!

    Yep, they are pretty!
  3. Yes they are very beautiful that is what caught my attention on the first one and I was watching it get bid up and they said bantams on them which I thought wow! Then today I noticed the other one, he had 2 but I see one was removed later today, and I thought the picture looked familiar, so I looked back on my saved listings and sure enough the one picture was the same just smaller and a little cut out. I sure hope whoever bought the first listing did not get S-----d.

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