Each time I lose a chicken, its so hard...............

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    Oct 26, 2007
    9 years ago I started out with 17 hens......a combo of easter-eggers, buff orpingtons and black australorps. Now I'm down to 4. I lost one last night. I think her poor old body just wore out, even though she was still trying to lay eggs.
    I've lost 2 to a coon attack (inside what I thought was an impenetrable run), a couple to probably breaking their necks jumping off the roost, one to a congenital defect, one to a pendulous crop, and several to things I couldn't figure out. And with the death of each one, I cry like a baby.
    I have absolutely loved having chickens. But its so hard when I lose them. They are pets, after all.
    I worry about the day when there will only be one left. What will I do? They will be so lonely. I'm 62 and I'm not sure I have the energy for getting more for another 10 years. Plus...........I just can't stand to be so sad when they die.

    I torture myself and imagine their coop when they are all gone and it overwhelms me with sadness. People think they are "just" chickens..........but they have enriched my life so much over the past 9 years. Each and every one of them has been so special to me. I guess if it bothers me too much.........I'll get more. I just can't imagine their coop empty.
    Thanks for listening.
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    What a sweet tribute to why some raise chickens. I personally think that you should incubate some fertilized eggs and rekindle the joy of birth, realizing that just like humans, dogs, and most all life is a cycle. Save feathers and scrapbook them, keeping the memories of your favorites alive forever.

    So, you're 62... it's the new 32 ;)

    Enjoy life today because you never know when the good Lord is calling you home.

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    Jan 17, 2012
    SE Minnesota
    I can tell you love your birds. I'd get more, maybe less than 17 this time around though? They need you! If you worry your energy will not hold out, maybe you can have a 'just in case' plan in place with a friend, maybe even someone from here that lives close who can take them if you ever find the need.

    They will die
    and we will cry
    but more we will buy!
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    Nov 27, 2008
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    x2. Well said.
    It never gets any easier, especially with older chickens.
  5. Country4ever

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    Oct 26, 2007
    Thanks everyone! Its good to have a place to come where you know everyone understands how you feel!

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