Eagle attack injuries


Jun 6, 2021
One of my chickens was attacked 2 days ago by an eagle. She is still able to move, eat, drink, and has even laid eggs the last 2 days. However with the severity/ appearance of her injuries, I don’t know if I should put her down. Her breathing seems labored at times and she seems to shiver (not surprising with the feather loss) I added a light to shine through a towel in the kennel. I didn’t want direct light on her and wanted to keep it dark. I’ve been using Vetericyn on the wounds. She does have exposed meat in one area. I want to do the humane thing but if she can survive this, would be wonderful. We already lost a chicken this week to a neighbor dog busting through the fence. Thanks for any advice. People in my local FB group said they’ve had chickens recover from attacks like this.


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