eagle eye/ i think she is slowly dieing!!! :-(

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Aug 8, 2010
hey guys i know a lot of people have answered this hens problem but i think she's slowly dieing. she used to eat and drink herself. then i had to give her food and water by hand. now she wont do anything. she breaths with her beak open she opens her eyes rarely. she doesn't have the strength to stand. all she does is sleep on her side with her feet to the side stretched out! i just gave her some baby pedealight to give her energy. I'm going to give her some water with Epson salt next. she poops green liquid witch i know that it means she is starving to death. also no egg the whole week she has been in the brooder? could it be a egg stuck in her vent? i hope she's okay?!

here are the pics of her




she wont eat any of this stuff i give her. even if i plop it in her mouth she spits it back out!

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I am so sorry it doesn't look good for her.. do you think she has botulisum is that why the epsom salt? Have you tried any type of antibiotic yet? pedilyte would be good. and she could be egg bound, what does her vent look like is it swollen? is she pulsating? what is her age?
no she has laid eggs before and its not botchilism because one of my hens has had it before and it didn't look anything like this. what kind of anticyclonic would you recommend?
poor girl! can you feel or see an egg in her vent at all? also, is there any reason for you to suspect worms? if her abdomen is swollen, that might be the case. my cornish girl, sugar had worms that got really bad and she refused att food and lay on her side just panting. it may be worth it to try a worming medication. i hope she gets better!
ok i just checked her vent looked like all the other hens vent accept a little dirty on the back feathers by the vent because she doesn't stand they get all dirty from feces.
i just checked the vent and it looks like all the other hens vents accept a little dirty from feces on the butt feathers. also when i checked she was gasping for air!!! God she is scaring me! i don't want to lose her! please God let this little hen live!
thanks! ill try the worming medicine. but wouldn't the worms be in her feces? but who cares ill buy the medicine. anything to make my little hen better!
read this dawg53 just gave this advise to another poster the reason I posted this is because of the wormer hes recommending

I agree that it's probably worms, but DE wont prevent nor kill worms. I recommend you first worm your chickens with wazine to clear out roundworms, then follow up 14 days later with a broad spectrum wormer such as valbazen, safeguard, or eprinex to kill roundworms that the wazine missed the first time and other types of worms.
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thank you for the medicines! as soon as my parents get home i will tell them so we can go buy the medicines. i hope eagle eye will be okay!!!
i just gave her two baby medicine dispensers full of Epson salt mixed with water. hopefully when she poops now i can see the worms.

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