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EagleClan StreamClan MistClan StormClan ShadowClan*~ a warriors RP

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by TechnoCat, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. TechnoCat

    TechnoCat Crowing

    Nov 20, 2011
    Wherever Angel is~

    Being in A Clan means knowing you are never alone, even when you walk among the stars...

    All is still, the air humid and sticky. It is warm, and suddenly you're feeling self-concious. You can see several glares of glassy eyed cats watching you in the distance. They hiss, jumping from fern to fern, bush to bush, tree to tree. One steps out, her coat gleaming silver. Dark grey stripes are streaked across her pelt, her paws and chest white. Her eyes ice blue, she watches you. She looks you up and down, and motions for you to follow her. And you do. She leads you to a camp with many cats, snarling and hissing at you, several cats clipping you with their sharp claws. The silver she-cat turns and sits down, wrapping her tail over her paws. She silences the warriors with a flick of her ears. "What are you called?" She asks.
    Will you flee, or answer Skystar's call?


    EagleClan are known to keep to the trees, shadows and darkness, yet, they are not as evil as you may think. Thier battle tactics are actually quite impressive. They fight mercilessly, and all fights are taken to the night. You must always watch your back on this territory. Kittypet or Clan.

    Leader: Skystar
    Silver with grey stripes, creamy white chest and paws. She has nine kits. She's very witty and smart, quick-thinking and fast. An excellent hunter. She can persuade and convince with ease, although she's more likely to claw your ears off rather than talk it through. She looks amazing under the moon, but stunning anytime and anywhere.

    Deputy: Weedfoot
    White with green eyes, she's known to attack and flee to the trees.

    Med cat:
    Name: BlackThunder
    Gender: M
    Appearance: He is an older tomcat. He has black fur with one white marking that looks like a bolt of lightning.
    Personality: He is very kind, and likes to laugh. He hopes that a young kit will take an interest in healing, so that he can teach them what he knows.
    Username: LL98
    He's a witty calico cat with amber eyes
    She's Willowwish's twin sister, but more cunning and evil
    She's a black cat with menacing grey eyes that can cut through your pelt and burn a hole in your soul
    Silver tom with yellow eyes, very cruel and always hostile to newcomers, referring to them as 'it' instead of their names
    Brown tom with black stripes and yellow eyes
    Small black tom-cat with glowing green eyes
    White tom-cat with amber eyes
    Quiet black she-cat with green eyes
    Name: TrueHeart
    Gender: M
    Appearance: He is a large tomcat. He's very muscular. His pelt is gray with a gold colored spot over his heart. He has a scar over his right eye from a previous battle.
    Personality: Despite his looks, he is very kind and gentle. He loves to watch the kits playing, as it reminds him of his son that he lost to a traitor.
    Rank: Warrior
    Username: LittleLady98
    Black she-cat with white paws and grey eyes

    Firepaw DECEASED


    (none, currently)

    Leader: Stormstar
    Deputy: Phoenixwing
    Medicine cat: Blackwing
    Black with amber eyes
    Silver she-cat with green eyes
    Tortoiseshell she cat DECEASED
    Silverheart's brother, golden in color with grey eyes


    Black tom with yellow eyes
    Black she-cat with white eyes
    Sandscram's mother, looks just like her





    StreamClan's territory consists mostly of thick deciduous woodlands, criss-crossed with dozens of streams ranging in size from very small, to large. Their camp lies on the shore of the main river in a patch of brambles, thorn-bushes and reeds which shelter it from attacks on one side. On the other side, the land drops down sleeply into the river, creating a mini cliff which is impossible to climb due to the churning river below and the slipperly moss growing on its surface. Their prey is mostly forest creatures like mice and birds, but also fish during the seasons when the streams aren't flooded. They are known to be great swimmers with a love of water. Their pelts are sleek and shiny as a result of the fish they eat, this causes their fur to shed water instead of soak it up like the other Clans. StreamClan cats are glaceful and clever, very independent and not quick to trust other Clans. They are very proud and naturally suspicious of any outsiders, not likely to make unnecessary friendships or alliances and would rather deal with problems themselves before asking for help. Others often perceive them as being arrogent, unfriendly and disrespecful because of this. They will put themselves ahead of the warrior code and the Clans, causing them to be misunderstood as battle-hungrey or ruthless.

    Icestar- A sleek, pure white she-cat with bright, round blue eyes.

    Sparrowtail- A lean, powerful, broad shouldered, muscular, dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.
    Apprentice: Tawnypaw

    Medicine Cat.
    Brambleberry- A small white she-cat with black spots, a pink nose and blue eyes.
    Apprentice: Sorrelpaw

    Silverstream- A slender, silver-grey tabby she-cat with glossy fur and blue eyes.

    Rowanclaw- A large, muscular, dark ginger tom with yellow eyes.
    Apprentice: Mousepaw

    Rainwhisker- A dark grey tom with green eyes, a white muzzle and one white paw.
    Apprentice: Honeypaw

    Swiftbreeze- A tabby and white she-cat with a long, white tipped tail and yellow eyes.

    Thornclaw- A large, golden brown tabby tom with thick fur and wide shoulders.
    Apprentice: Hollypaw

    Ryewhisker- A slender, light brown tabby tom with golden eyes.
    Apprentice: Bumblepaw

    Lionheart- A broad shouldered, golden tabby tom with green eyes.

    Sunfur- A bright ginger tom with long fur and yellow eyes.
    Apprentice: Foxpaw

    Hawkfeather- A dark brown tabby she-cat with black stripes and blue eyes.
    Apprentice: Snowpaw

    Ashstorm- A sleek, pale grey tom with darker flecks and dark blue eyes.
    Apprentice: Cloudpaw

    Sandstreak- A pale ginger she-cat with streaks of darker brown and green eyes. DECEASED

    Ravenclaw- A large, muscular black tom with long legs and a long tail.
    Apprentice: Smokepaw

    Redtail- A small, dappled ginger tom with a thick, bushy tail and green eyes.

    Willowpelt- A sleek, dark grey tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes.

    Name: FernFeather
    Gender: She-cat
    Appearance: She is a Light Grey She-Cat with Dark spots on her Pelt, with Green Eyes and a very Big Tail.
    Attitude/personality: She is a Quite, Swift, Cunning she-cat.

    Sorrelpaw- A slender, tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes.

    Foxpaw- A fluffy, reddish brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.

    Snowpaw- A slender, pure white she-cat with a fluffy tail and blue eyes.

    Mousepaw- A small, wiry, dusky brown tom with thick fur and pale yellow eyes.

    Tawnypaw- A lean, slender tortoiseshell she-cat with wide shoulders and green eyes.

    Cloudpaw- A pale grey tom with white patches, huge blue eyes and a narrow, well shaped head.

    Honeypaw- A sandy ginger she-cat with a torn ear and pale green eyes.

    Smokepaw- A smoky black tom with one white paw and blue eyes.

    Bumblepaw- A short furred, silver chocolate tabby with violet tinted eyes.

    Hollypaw- A short furred, ginger tabby she-cat with hazel eyes.

    Ebonypaw- She is a Pure Black, Silky She-cat with Emerald Green Eyes. She is Very Bold, Adventurous, Ambitious, and When she thinks she's right she won't Back Down on what she Thinks is Right.

    Shadepelt- A sleek, muscular silver-grey tabby she-cat with a thick tail and clear, river-blue eyes. (Mother to Shimmerkit and Skykit. Foster mother to Spiderkit, Rosekit and Shadowkit.)

    Thrushpelt- An old, sandy grey tom with a white chest and green eyes.

    Whitewing- A snowy white she-cat with thick, soft fur and green eyes.



    There is a valley, hidden away by dense pines and brambles, it's sides split with rough outcroppings of stone.
    Within in it's confines, dwells Shadowclan. Their territory is consists of steep rock niches and walls,
    sky-scraping pines and merciless underbrush. They are secretive, and ruthless in upholding their privacy and guarding their borders.Their name alone carries with it enough weight to fend of the majority of offenders; Brutality, unprovoked war, etc.They follow the code, although at times they bend it to suit whatever agenda they have. Whenever they feel it necessary. Snakes, lizards and small rodents are on Sc's menu. The area rewards them well with it's bounty and variety.

    Leader: Ashstar
    Ash's coat is as grey as his namesake, satiny and short.
    His eyes are silver-blue, features fine and body long and muscular.

    Deputy: Threeeyes
    A large tabby, orange and bulky in appearance, a ghastly wrapped around the left side of his face and neck.
    He is the mate of Lilypetal, and father of Lilypaw.

    Medcat: Marrowcaw
    An aged cat, once lustrous black fur now thinning and turning brown and gray. She is one of the more mild tempered cats of Sc,
    although in her day she was a merciless warrior, with many scars to prove it.


    Wolfheart- A small tiger-striped cat with bright green eyes and a short, smug looking face. He has seen many battles and has
    been with Sc a long while.

    Briarclaw- A wily Maine coon; built like tree he uses his strength and size well, more or less a cat bulldozer.

    Snowshort- A long haired mix, she is pure white with a little splotch of gray on her tail tip. Snow is more of a planner than an
    actual warrior, organizing and sending out patrols with Threeeyes.

    Sunguard- A spotted grey cat with yellow eyes. He is one of the main hunters when not preforming other duties.

    Pumpkinear- A large orange cat, missing the tops of both of his ears to a fire; with his ears rounded and coat orange, most can see where he got the name.

    Boartusk- A half Bengal with a rotten temper. She is large and wild, always looking for a fight.

    Berryfoot- A striped copper coated cat, he is medium in size with short, powerful legs.


    Northpaw- Son of Briarclaw and Boartusk, just became an apprentice. Large and a mix between both parents, keeping his father's thick coat and mother's speckling. He has fawn eyes and a twin.

    Lilypaw- The only surviving kit of Lilypetal and Threeeyes, she has crystal blue eyes and her mother's coat.

    Greenpaw- A light grey cat with green eyes.

    Talonpaw- A silver spotted she cat.

    Firepaw- A copper eyed version of Northpaw; son of Briarclaw and Boartusk.


    Fernbone- A Siamese mix, ruthless adviser to Ash and was the same with the star before. He old, very old.

    Larkwind- A Russian blue, a veteran warrior, she still joins in now and again.


    Lilypetal- A cheeky Siamese. Her coat is always perfect, glossy and fine; eyes crystal blue and innocent.





    Warrior Code

    1. Defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan.
    2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.
    3. Elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors.
    4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for it's life.
    5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.
    6. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after recieving their warrior name.
    7. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice first.
    8. The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies or retires.
    9. After the death or retirement of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.
    10. A gathering of all Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. There shall be now fighting among the Clans at this time.
    11. Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.
    12. No warrior may neglect a kit in pain or in danger, even if that kit is from a different Clan.
    13. The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code.
    14. An honerable warrior does not need to kill to win his or her battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or it is necessary for self-defense.
    15. A warrior reject the soft life of a kittypet.

    Clan Ranks

    Kits-A kitten younger than six moons
    Apprentice-A cat at least six moons or older-trained by a warrior
    Warrior-A mature cat who has completed their warrior training, a she-cat is considered a warrior if no kits.
    Medicine Cat-The cat who heals the Clan using herbs and berries.
    Elder- An elderly cat who can no longer fight or hunt and they are greatly respected by
    Queen-A cat who has kits to care for, or expecting a kit or kits
    Deputy-A cat who is second to leader
    Leader-Being the most important rank, is in control of his or her Clan, granted nine lives by StarClan to be "first in battle" basically given more time to lead their Clan

    Living Spaces

    Camp-Permanent home for a Clan
    Leader's Den-Den that belongs to leader.
    Medicine Cat's Den-Den that belongs to the medicine cat and his/her apprentice, sometimes called the "Medicine Den"
    Warriors Den-
    Den that belongs to the deputy and the warriors. Senior warriors sleep in middle, where it is warmest.
    Apprentice's Den-Den that belongs to the apprentices, all but the medicine apprentice, he/she sleeps in medicine den
    Elder's Den-The den in camp shared by the Clans elders.
    Nursery-The only den that belongs to the nursing queens and kits.
    Dirtplace-The place near camp where cats make dirt.
    Fresh-kill pile-Where the cats gather caught prey, edible, and NO CROW-FOOD


    Tasks of the apprentices include training with their mentors, going on border patrols, and caring for the elders.
    Apprentices don't leave camp without permission, and may not eat until queens and elders are fed. If an apprentice breaks a rule, the punishment is chosen by the Clan leader, may include searching the elders for ticks and if they find any, they will have to rub foul-smelling mouse bile on it to make it fall off.

    Warrior Apprentice

    Leader: (kit) you have reached the age of six moons and are ready to be apprenticed. From this day, until you have earned your warrior name you will be known as (apprentice name) I ak StarClan to watch over you and guide you until you find the strength and courage of a warrior
    The leader calls chosen warrior
    Leader: (warrior) you are ready to take on an apprentice. You earned your skills from (warriors former mentor) you have shown yourself as a true Clan warrior, and I expect you to pass on your skills to (apprentice).
    The apprentice touches noses with his/her mentor, and the Clan greets the apprentice by calling his/her name to StarClan.
    Insults and Exclimations

    Crowfood- A (harsh) insult to describe rotting prey animals (as in, I'll turn you into crowfood!) or suggesting enemy eats them (crowfood eaters!)
    Fishface, fishfur, fishbreath-Insult to swimming cats
    Fox-dung-A (harsh) insult meaning fox droppings. Also used as an exclimation (that's fox-dung!)
    Hedgehogs will fly-An exclimation used to say an event or idea will unlikely occur (as in, That will happen when hedgehogs fly) Simalar to human phrase, When pigs fly!
    You fight/hunt like a kittypet!-an expression used to show some cat who hunts or fights poorly.
    Mouse-brain-(A friendly-harsh) insult. Severity of it is determined by tone.
    Mouse-dung-A (somewhat) harsh insult comparing mouse droppings, also used as a exclimation (as in, Mouse-dung! That can't be right!) Somewhat like "Darn it!"
    Mouse-hearted-Someone who is cowardly
    Fox-hearted-Someone who is evil, cruel, hateful.
    Sorry catches no prey, sorry fills no bellies-Meaning a cat can be sorry, but what is done can't be fixed. Most likely used if Clan is very hungry.
    Bees in your brain- An exclimation used when a cat is confused or a cat not making sense. (Do you have bees in your brain?)
    I don't give a mousetail-An exclimation meaning a cat does not care.
    Great StarClan!-An exclimation used for surprise or anger.
    StarClan's kits!-An exclimation used if disbelif or surprise. Sometimes used if a cat is hurt.
    What in the name of StarClan-Simalar to "What in the world?"
    Furball- A (friendly/harsh) insult (as in stupid furball, bossy furball, lazy furball)
    Doesn't matter a whisker- An exclimation as in a cat doesn't care. (Doesn't matter a whisker that she didn't share her beliefs)

    Clan leader may choose whether or not to punish a cat who has broken the warrior code. These include scolding like a warrior doing apprentice tasks, or an apprentice doing an unpleasnt task.
    Cats who break the code repeatedly and severly end out in the Dark Forest instead of reaching StarClan.


    or crow-food – A dead prey animal that has begun to rot. Can also be used as an insult
    Cutter – A vet
    Fresh-kill – A recently killed prey animal . Fresh-kill is hunted by warriors and apprentices, and given first to the elders, then the queens, and finally warriors and apprentices
    Gathering – The monthly meeting of the Clan held at places assigned as zones of truce when the moon is full

    Greenleaf Twolegplace – A place owned by Twolegs during summer, such as a camping spot.
    Halfbridge – A boat dock.

    Horseplace – A horse ranch or stables
    Hunting Patrol – A group of cats hunting for fresh-kill to bring back for their Clan to eat
    Kittypet – A cat kept as pet by Twolegs
    Loner – A cat that lives by itself and doesn't defend its territory; not hostile to Clan cats

    Making Dirt - Going to the bathroom
    Monster – A vehicle operated by humans. Examples include cars, trucks, tractors. Motorboats are sometimes referred to as water-monsters
    Moonpool – The place near the Lake where medicine cats and leaders share tongues with StarClan

    Moonstone – The place in the Forest where medicine cats and leaders share tongues with StarClan
    Mothermouth The opening to the cave where the Moonstone is located
    Rogue – A usually hostile cat who does not have a permanent home, and roams around, not caring about crossing Clan boundaries

    Sharing Tongues – Cats grooming each other, while sharing the latest gossip. A cat lies on the ground, talking, while the other grooms their fur, listening
    Silverpelt – The large swath of stars in the sky. These stars are a direct representation of StarClan
    Tree-eater – A bulldozer
    Thunderpath – A road. Monsters use them to travel. Thunderpaths have an extremely bad smell.
    Twoleg – A human

    Twoleg kit – A human child
    Twoleg nest – A human's house
    Twolegplace – A town or city


    Leaf-bare- Winter
    Half-moon-half a month
    Quarter-moon-A week
    Sunrise-One day in cat time.
    Season-One fourth of a year in cat time. Four seasons equal a year.

    All byc rules
    All regular RP rules
    Clans from other users are not allowed at this point. When there is an opening, first person to send their Clan in gets the spot
    Your cat must be of a dark color to be in StormClan
    Three blows per post
    No killing another chara without perm with the owner
    No real cursing, you can use the cat curses though
    I can control the plot, make something unexpected happen, etc.

    Here's the form for a cat that you want to be in an already existing Clan

    Here's the form for a Clan:
    Clan name:
    med cat:

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  2. HollyBird24

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    Nov 10, 2011
    Manitoba, Canada
    Can I make a Clan?
  3. HollyBird24

    HollyBird24 Crowing

    Nov 10, 2011
    Manitoba, Canada
  4. Name: TrueHeart
    Gender: M
    Appearance: He is a large tomcat. He's very muscular. His pelt is gray with a gold colored spot over his heart. He has a scar over his right eye from a previous battle.
    Personality: Despite his looks, he is very kind and gentle. He loves to watch the kits playing, as it reminds him of his son that he lost to a traitor.
    Rank: Warrior
    Username: LittleLady98

    Name: BlackThunder
    Gender: M
    Appearance: He is an older tomcat. He has black fur with one white marking that looks like a bolt of lightning.
    Personality: He is very kind, and likes to laugh. He hopes that a young kit will take an interest in healing, so that he can teach them what he knows.
    Rank: Med
    Username: LL98
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2012
  5. TechnoCat

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    Nov 20, 2011
    Wherever Angel is~
    This rp is still under construction, but for now, no.

  6. TechnoCat

    TechnoCat Crowing

    Nov 20, 2011
    Wherever Angel is~
    LittleLady, you're added. Please don't start until I have finished the RP
  7. TechnoCat

    TechnoCat Crowing

    Nov 20, 2011
    Wherever Angel is~

  8. HollyBird24

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    Nov 10, 2011
    Manitoba, Canada
    Now can I make a Clan?
  9. TechnoCat

    TechnoCat Crowing

    Nov 20, 2011
    Wherever Angel is~
    The rules say that no Clans will be made for awhlie, sorry.
  10. HollyBird24

    HollyBird24 Crowing

    Nov 10, 2011
    Manitoba, Canada
    Theres only two Clans though, and you own both of them...

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