ear infections SO PAINFUL they are back again

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  1. chickenbottom

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    Dec 30, 2008
    hollister, florida
    ive had a problem with my left ear for about a week and a half now and its almost swollen closed and it hurts to do anything with it i know there isnt much to do with ears lol but if i just turn my head or lay it on my shoulder or sleep on it my ear is just throbbing and now its happening to the right ear. what do yall do. ive tried swimmers ear stuff and it did nothing i can't go out and buy peroxide im broke and thats a 9 mile bike ride lol and the soonest i could get it would be the 15th i just don't know how long i can take this i took ibuprofen and a allergy pill for my cough and nose and that had me all wacky. PLEASE i need some suggestions thank you in advance.
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  2. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    When i have ear pain i find that laying on a heating pad on low helps alot. Or even a moist warm towl over the ear may help you. Good luck, hope you feel better...
  3. chickenbottom

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    Dec 30, 2008
    hollister, florida
    thanks ill try the warm towel right now
  4. raroo

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Vancouver, BC
    I feel your pain! I had chronic ear infections from infancy until teenaged. I had to have tubes put in my ears. Your best friend is a hot water bottle, as hot as you can stand it. It stays warm for longer than a hot towel. It also sounds like you might need antibiotics. You must be suffering so bad, go see a doctor as soon as you can!
  5. Hoosiermomma

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    Jun 6, 2009
    S.E Ind
    Do you have any cloves of garlic? You can make an infusion of garlic/olive oil ( or some other carrier oil) and use that as drops. You could warm the oil up a bit before using. The garlic has antibiotic/antibacterial properties and has been used for earaches for ages.
    If you can get the peroxide too.
    I hope you feel better soon. [​IMG]
  6. bargain

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Bowdon, GA
    Warm water on a bath cloth...If you need, keep a crock pot on warm and dip that cloth in there , wring it out....

    ALso warm salt water rinses for the nose, in case you have a sinus infection by rinses you might be able to help that.

    Hope you are better soon!
  7. BeccaOH

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    Oct 3, 2008
    east central Ohio
    I used to get ear infections a lot as a kid. Heat helped. I suddenly got one over a week ago and had to see a doctor. I got a prescription for drops that still took something like 3 days to make a difference. I do feel your pain. Sounds like the warmed garlic oil might work well.
  8. babyspice35

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    Mar 10, 2009
    Maui Wowee
    I always get ear infections. I think it had something to do with my mom smoking with me.

    If you can, GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! He will give you amazing ear drops and antibiotics as well as a decongestant. If you don't have insurance, the drops are about 45 dollars : /

    If you want a home remedy, I suggest dropping (WARM) saline or water with a bit of salt, into the ear and massaging the area below the ear lobe, by the jaw line. You should feel the liquid clearing out of the ear. Lay on your side for awhile, then place a small cotton swab when you want to get up.

    Above all DON'T TOUCH YOUR EARS and drink LOTS of water!

    Ear infections are the WORST and Its frustrating that some people pass them off as minor, until they actually have one!! I remember one time I had to fly on an airplane. I thought my eardrum was going to rupture. It was so bad that I literally could not open my mouth- it wouldn't open more than a centimeter. But I got the ear drops and it cleared up!

    Best of luck!
  9. rodriguezpoultry

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Claremore, OK
    I have an issue with my ears that is not related to ear infections.

    Every year, when my allergies get really bad (I'm allergic to feathers, mold and peppermint), instead of draining so I can blow my nose, the mucous drains into my ears. Anytime I sleep on either side of my head, the next day I will wake up with vertigo thanks to fluid in that ear. Eventually, the drainage will build up and be in both ears. After that, the pain begins and my eardrums will, I don't want to say explode, but that's what they do. They "blow up" (HURTS) and the mucous is released for a short minute. Then it reseals to build up more.

    Go to the doc. Mine are usually caused by sinus infections.
  10. chickenlittle32

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Rayne Louisiana
    My son suffers from Chronic Ear infections. I don't like having to give him oral antibiotics too much, so his ENT suggested olive oil. Put a few drops in each ear a couple times a day. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

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