Ear Taping Dogs Ears.... Advice PLS

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by bemba, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    Hi all, Anyone experienced in this feild? I have 2 pups and am wanting the ears to prick, I taped them with leucoplast tape with foam pipe insulation cut to size as the support. I did that last thursday (or the vet did) and he did a terrible job LOL they came off in a matter of hours. So I decided to do it myself and I did a much better job LOL, but I'm having to re-tape every day! I've been doing osme reaserch and Torbot bonding cement and Tear mender (liquid latex) seem to be widely used for this. Any hints on do's and dont's for me?

    After taping was removed yesterday ears on both dogs were standing, I left the tape off for about 4 hours, and on both dogs one ear remained standing while the other floped about half way down the ear. But before taping ears were floped to the side on both dogs near the base. Is this a good indicator that it is working? Or will the ears stand for a period if it is going to work or not?
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    what breed?
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    Jun 4, 2011
    also, how old are the pups?

    taping methods vary by breed. be aware that if you do it wrong you can cause permanent damage and even deafness! What about the breeder of your pups? If you bought from a responsible breeder, they are your best source of advice.

    Few vets actually know how to tape ears in any breed.
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    Getting ears to stand can be a difficult thing when done correctly, much less a poor cropping job. It sounds like you may need to find another vet to help you get them posted up correctly. They need to stay up for at least a week at a time to train the cartlidge in the ear. It sounds like you need to get some help getting the taped to start, because you can really mess them up otherwise. If you tape them crooked, the ears will be "trained" crooked.

    What breed is this, and how old?
  5. toomanydogs

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    Dec 31, 2011
    I was under the impression it was illegal to crop in Australia. Am I wrong or are you just taping , hoping the ears will stand? Even with a very good crop it can be a long process to get those ears up and some pups are masters at getting the wrapping off.

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    as other asked, what breed of dog? i am familiar with taping shepherds ears, which are naturally supposed to be upright. if your trying to tape a breed thats ears naturally flop, you might be fighting a losing battle. also, any older than 8 months and it wont work. best time to do it is between 4-5 months. you will have to replace the tape daily most likely, until the pup stops messing with it.
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    I have raised Rat Terriers for years and they can go through "ear wars" when they are teething. I don't mess with them and when the teething is over they have beautiful erect ears.
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    I have a friend who used those breath right nose strips in her dobes ears. It worked good for her. [​IMG]

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