Early Bumblefoot or just fat toes?


Jul 5, 2020
I'll try to get some photos a little later - I tried earlier with my husband's help but he wasn't really sure what I wanted/needed so what I have isnt super clear and they're a little too skittish to keep trying over and over, I'm trying to tire them out a bit with a big swim.

I have two Pekins, almost two months old. Neither is limping or refusing to walk or otherwise showing any signs of pain, but I've been keeping an eye on their feet (when they'll show them to me) after seeing so many frequent threads on bumblefoot. Most of the photos I've seen other folks post of bumblefoot are pretty gnarly and there's almost always mention of ugly sores and scabs - neither of my ducks have that, but they do have some fat lookin toes (only underneath, they dont appear swollen from the tops) and I'm wondering if that's just the nature of duck feet or if it's an early sign of bumble before it gets so bad that it's open wounds and ugly scabbing. Does anyone catch it early? I imagine for folks with bigger flocks, checking the bottoms of feet on the regular would be quite a chore and that's why people dont see it until it's causing other symptoms. I've gone through a ton of the threads and I've only seen one post where someone said their duck never presented with the scabs/sores but in their photo the swelling was really large and obvious, a big round ball sticking out on one of the toes instead of the whole toe just being kinda fat. I've also checked a bunch of the threads supposed to show normal/healthy duck feet but it's a lot of blurry shots and the tops of feet, only a couple bottoms (and some of those were bumble recovery photos)

They've been with me in the house and we do have hard floors, but it's not like they're tap dancing and stampeding around all day every day - they like to spend most of their time doodling around and napping in towel and laundry piles. Save for the occasional fly chase they don't stomp or run hard. Their night pen is pine shavings. I do daily sweeps to make sure there's nothing on the floor that shouldn't be for them to step on (or eat) so it wouldnt be any kind of abrasion, just that they walk on indoor flooring

They're headed out to a farm in a week and a half and I might just be paranoid but I don't want to dump any unaddressed medical problems on their new owner (and of course just dont want them to be sick)


Oct 17, 2016
Northeast Ohio
I believe that with pekins you’re right to be concerned. They’re pretty big ducks. I had one vet tell me that they saw a lot of pekins with leg, foot problems. Keep an eye on them and force some rest if necessary. Right now their feet look pretty good to me.

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