Early gender guess...


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6 Years
Mar 23, 2013
I've got these two beauties. Both hatched from an Aracuana/Ameracuana roo and a possible Delaware or maybe a buff orp hen. They will be 4 wks on saturday. The white one to me seems rooish...larger than the other and I see a faint pinkness to the incoming comb. The other I'm not sure about yet. I know its early but what the heck. Any ideas on either?
Left one looks like a pullet. You're right about the white one, I'd keep an eye on that one- I think he's a roo. That's a pretty big comb for 4 weeks.
Agree the light colored one looks like a little roo, stance, legs, and that is a lot of comb for four weeks. Nothing about the other ones says roo, but they are young yet.

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