Early hatching chicks? O: What's your earliest healthy hatched chick?


8 Years
May 31, 2011
OKAY. I have hatched chicks before and never had this happen before. (And it couldn't have been better timing actually, for my hen.)
I know exactly when they started, they had a false start but including that day they should have actually been delayed. (She sat on them a few hours then got up and didn't sit till like a day later and i kept them at room temperature)

But even with that added to it she's 3 days early with her hatch. All eggs have pipped on 19th day and 3 have fully hatched out, perfectly healthy and chipper.

What gets me is they are all different breeds so it's not breed specific. First out was an EE out of a green egg and the next two were brown eggs of different colors and the chicks were blue and the other black and white.

It's probably normal, but I haven't had it happen this early. How about everyone else? I've heard of a few days late but early?


8 Years
Jun 16, 2011
Texas where we don't feed the Trolls...
I've had them hatch 3 days early with no problems.. always happens in the summer when it's hot as heck outside (which makes the bator run a little hot)

they CAN have defects when they hatch early.. but so far I have been lucky

the Texas heat is why I am investing in a reptipro 5000 incubator.. since it also cools as well as heats. So when the house is hitting 105 the bator will be cooling the eggs instead of me having to set fans around the bators to try to keep them cool

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