early hatching


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7 Years
Nov 1, 2012
Ok, I brought the eggs into the house after the mama started to tear them apart and attack the baby. I have successfully hatched two more ducklings, one is four days old and one is 2 days old as of today. One started to hatch yesterday, but unfortunately it bled bright red blood. I placed it back in my bathroom which is set up to be the nursery as of now with heater, heating pad, humidity, thermometer. This morning, it was still alive and as it was struggling very badly and as to everything I have read, I helped it the rest of the way out... as its been over 30 hours. It is sleeping however not all of the yolk was absorbed. I covered it in antibiotic ointment and corn starch to help stop the bleeding which seems to have slowed if not stopped all together. I also placed its rear end inside of a latex glove, just so it won't stick its beak in the cornstarch when it ball s up. Question is, now what do I do? Does it have a chance at all? Any suggestions would be great. I'd hate to lose it after all we've been through to help it.

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