Early lock down for duck eggs (day 24) is this okay?


Sep 25, 2018
Ontario, Canada
t’s day 24 today... I put them on lock down already... is that alright? Or is that too soon? Does 24h earlier for lock down affect anything?! I candled the eggs this morning and I saw a distinct heartbeat inside only one. The rest looked dark with a very well air sac formed but I didn’t really see any veins nor movement. Now I’m worried. When I candled them the eggs looked dark as in opaque with a very distinct line of where the air sac is at. I candled them fast so that I wouldn’t cool them too much and removed the egg turner as well. I’m just in the process of adjusting the humidity to reach between 60-70%. I just want to make sure that by putting them on lockdown now it won’t hurt them or injure them? What are everybodys recommendations for an early lock down for Indian runner ducks!!! I received the duck eggs Sunday September 23rd and put them in incubator at 12pm afternoon that same day. Which by doing the math leaves me to be on day 24 today. Is this okay? Has anyone else done an early lock down? Please help me!!!!
Lock down simply means you don't open the incubator until hatched. Keeping stable temperature and humidity. I wouldn't worry about it even if you don't have an automatic turner. The eggs should be fine. Edited to add: Assuming from what you have said these are shipped eggs correct? Dark eggs usually indicates that the chick or duckling has filled the egg. But that doesn't mean they are still alive or if the eggs ever began to develop at all. As that could also be bacteria growing inside the egg. I would leave them go and see if they hatch. I have tossed eggs that look as you are describing and ended up having a chick in it.
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