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    hello all!!
    Besides the fact I have 2 beautiful healthy gorgeous human children, I feel blessed to own all my animals.[​IMG]
    In particular I have this one black and white 1 and half year old chicken, (we call her baby).[​IMG] She is such a docile sweet girl. Along with her , other chickens who treat her meanly, most of her life. [​IMG] deteremined, she has fought them back. I have posted other threads on her, some might remember her. Anyways, I also have 4 ducks, that live on the other side of the chicken coop and have their own seperate run with pool etc. They are the welsh harlequin breed. and one swedish black one. anyways again, they are about about 3 months old. all chickens and ducks have mingled free range together and have done marvelous!! very happy.[​IMG]
    the last few days, I have found my (baby) special chicken over to the other side, with the ducks.
    Ill call them (her new friends)!!
    So she must be getting thru from the poultry fencing seperating the chickens/ducks in the main coop. She has enjoyed them so much. Tonight I went out to check and lock everyone up.
    The ducks are always the last inside.
    There she was (the chicken) out mingling with the ducks.
    She got thru again.[​IMG]
    I deceided to leave her. I built a roost for her by the ducks window. So she will have somewhere to fly up at night. These are her real true friends. they love her as she loves them too.
    I had tears of joy in my eyes as I looked inside and saw them all together. such happiness. Its the little things that mean so much to me. the very tiny small things. I am touched, because i am a momma to all the animals too. And i just wanted to share with you all.
    [​IMG] Heres the ducks
    heres my baby chicken

    byw: happy mothers to you all!!!! Even if your not a parent, you have animals right? your a mom too!
    god bless![​IMG]
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