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Mar 15, 2012
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I got a straight run of 6 ees about 2 months ago. 2 were only a day or 2 old, the other 4 were about a week old.
So I have 3 cockerels and 3 pullets. Im pretty sure. Im positive on 2 cockerels, unsure on the third.

But anyway at 9 weeks old the cockerels are getting pretty aggresive, bullying pretty bad, fighting with each other and trying to mount hens. Im trying to hold off putting them in the freezer until they get a little bigger. What would explain them acting like adults at suck an early age? More poor silkies are taking the brunt of the bullying.

I dont want to come out and find dead birds but im unsure of what to do.

the really wierd thing is the 2 cocerkels taht are fighting and carrying on are pretty tolerant of the 10 4 week old chicks that i introduced about a week ago. They might peck at them once in a while, but leave them alone. My other pullets are almost constantly getting mounted.

what should i do?
Are they all in the same area? If yes I would say its because they are getting territorial(to many roosters in one spot) if you can or want to you could seperate them. I have processed young birds they are good eating
i havent had chickens in years but i dont ever remember them acting this way so young. Im ok with processing, dont have the space to seperate them, i was just hoping they would be a little bigger before they hit the freezer. They would look like chicken nuggets. lol

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