Early signs of rooster aggression?

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    Hey everyone, hoping to get some information on this. My rooster has been a sweetie all his life so far, he's about four months old now. Recently when I'm in the run with him and the girls and even when they are free ranging he will walk up to me sideways in this odd way.

    I have been chasing him when he does this, thinking I might stave off further aggressive intent (if in fact that is what he's doing, which I am obivously not sure of). Can anyone tell me what the early signs of a nastry rooster are?

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    What you are witnessing is most likely a sign that he's challenging you, which is not to say he's going to be a nasty rooster. Is he dropping a wing and kinda two stepping around you?
    Roosters simply need to know their place in the flock. Sometimes you need to remind them - never back down, chase him not vice versa and never be the first to walk away.
    With my first alpha roo I had to remind him that I was in charge. To my second (and now) only roo, it has come naturally. He's a bit afraid of me and that's a good thing.
    Although my BYC page desperately needs to be updated, you can read it if you want. I think you will find some helpful tips there.
    Good luck!
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